Technology innovation centre Međimurje

TICM is a dynamic system connected to the regional economy and higher education institutions and is integrated in the international environment. It supports technology based businesses and enterprising individuals in development and implementation of technologically advanced business ideas. It also provides customer support through facilitation of workspace and technology equipment. Competent employees, subcontractors and partners ensure the quality of services provided by TICM.

Čakovec has always been recognized as a centre of metal industry of this part of Croatia. It has a long tradition of making metal products and with the arrival of new technologies, there is a need to bring metal industry to a higher level. TICM as a part of it, is working intensively to gather and network individuals, institutions and businesses who will be the carriers of the future development and future work of the Metals Core (Development and Education Centre for Metal Industry) so it could become a meeting place and a place for cooperation between entrepreneurs, scientists and support institutions and influence the development of the northwestern Croatia.

There is Internet of things laboratory (IoT) and the prototyping laboratory for research in cooperation with entrepreneurs. Infrastructure, experts, technology scientists and their researches within Metal Core will be used through activities of the DIH. Additional advantage is that TICM, as one of the partners of the DIH, is involved in implementation of the project. TICM is business support institution where SMEs can find out anything they need about POC, innovation product or service evaluation.