Enter Koprivnica
ENTER Koprivnica Ltd. is an business support organization whose role is stimulating entrepreneurial climate in the city of Koprivnica and create conditions for easier growth and development of newly established companies. Place of knowledge and experience sharing and place for all those with entrepreneurial ideas.
Technology park Varaždin
Technoloy park (TP) which in one of the bigest technology parks in Croatia and it is expanding. TP deals with the establishment of incubation center for innovative start-up companies, establishment of a mechanism for improvement of existing technologically innovative companies, improvement of transfer of knowledge from universities and development centers into the economy, networking of companies, educational institutions, development agencies and innovative individuals, and change of perception towards innovation as a foundation of a new economy.
Technology innovation centre Međimurje
TICM is a dynamic system connected to the regional economy and higher education institutions and is integrated in the international environment. It supports technology based businesses and enterprising individuals in development and implementation of technologically advanced business ideas.